Welcome to the developer site of Q3MIN!

Q3MIN is a community project managed by dedicated Quake III Arena enthusiasts. Its purpose is to provide a freely distributable minimal version of Q3A that is fully compatible with the original game created by id Software. We wish to make a package that can use different mods as well as custom maps made for the original game Q3A. The package should have a reasonably small size for easy downloading.

We do not intend to stop when the first fully functional package is released. We would like to implement, test and maybe permanently integrate different enhancements suggested by people on Q3A forums. We want to make a game even better than the original!

Right now you are at the developer site of Q3MIN. This is where the code wizards and artists gather to do their arcane work. If you just wish to discuss the game, obtain tips and tricks about gameplay, servers, etc. then you should rather visit the community forum. If you wish to contact the developers please, use this email address or register on our forum here and post a message.

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